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Falling In Love with My Natural Hair!
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Tia and Tamera Mowry having lunch with Baby Cree & Aden .. <3

Natural Hair in the Work Place.. Am I brave Enough?

Soo.. I love my natural hair!! I’ll scream it from the roof top. But wait…. I just noticed that I have never worn my “beautifully curly hair” to work :/. I always wake up in the morning thinking, “ok, what am I going to do with this mane today?” And when nothing comes to mind I just throw on one of my many wigs and head out of the door. For some reason I feel like wearing my natural hair to work would some how be “inappropriate”. (Now although I know this is foolishness, I still think this way.) Am I the only one? Is anyone else Insecure about letting their gorgeous tresses free in the work place?

#BigChop #Growth #NaturalHair #BlackIsBeautiful #LoveYourHair #CurlyHair


Good morning!

Merry belated christmas my friends! 


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